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A Letter From The Founder

I know you.
I know you because I was you.
I too wanted to lose weight and never look back at the older days when I wasn’t fit.
The strength…
The confidence…
The freedom of moving around feeling more alive…
The inner pride of making small milestones along the journey…
And yet, I stood clueless trying to make the right choices at the supermarket.
I went to the gym having absolutely no idea how to start and what works best for my body.
I imagined having a companion on my journey; one who had the same passion and drive.
One who was there with me all the time even if they were not physically present.
Someone who understood my fears.
The fear of never making it.
The fear of losing it all after reaching the top.
Not to mention, the fear of injuries and pitfalls…
But, who was that person?
Sadly, I had no one to accompany me. So, I had to educate myself from scratch about all I needed…
For me, fitness became not a goal but a lifestyle. And luckily, I succeeded!!
But, you don’t need to go through all this…
I’m Degwy by the way, Founder of Degwy Fitness and Nutrition.
And at this point, if you’re still reading this, I want to first thank you for your interest in joining the DFN community…
I understand that you have tried a million times and failed.
And I understand that consistency always seems like an impossible mission.
But remember we’ve got you…
Because it’s true that DFN provides 24/7 community support. It’s also true that we’re dedicated to
educate you about the myths of dieting and training. And it’s true that you have full accessibility to a flexible online personalized diet and workout plan.
You are going to be a part of a larger family of achievers, with full access to our private members’ group, where you can share whatever you like, from your inspirational gym photos, to your favourite healthy recipes.
And that’s exactly the reason for you to start today…
It’s our personal mission at DFN to help you achieve your ideal fitness level, regardless where you stand
in your journey.
We’re dedicated to supporting you on your road to success and sustainability.
We believe in your ability to start today. Our only wish is that you believe in yourself the way we believe in you. I assure you, your body is way stronger than you think and it’s capable of achieving things that you think are impossible.
So, what are you waiting for!
Start today, and don’t make fitness a target; make it a journey of a lifetime.
Talk soon…